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The Fast and the Prayer (Facebook Post in One Act)

Just as world pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva decided to speak against homosexuality in support of Russia’s new laws discriminating against sexual minorities, I finished a fictional piece, a play in one act, inspired by conversations I followed on Facebook about the same issue in yet another Christian conservative country, Romania.

World Athletics 2013: Isinbayeva Speaks Out Against Homosexuality (BBC)

Isinbayeva’s statements will probably cause an uproar among the athletic and the LGBT communities around the world and may even affect athletes’ presence at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Among other things, the 31-year old athlete declared:

We are Russians. maybe we are different than European people, than other people from different lands. We have our law which everyone has to respect. It’s my opinion also.

As it turns out, Russians are not the only ones feeling that way. Romanians, Bulgarians, Croatians, Greeks and others in Southern and Eastern Europe do not show more openness.

Here is what a Facebook post about Romania’s Bucharest GayFest might look like.

The Fast and the Prayer (Facebook Post in One Act)

The Characters

BR – Post initiator and host. Religious writer and founder of the Association “National Families Against Sinful Behavior,” whose most notable activity every year is booing, punching, kicking and throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at the Bucharest GayFest Parade participants.

GT – Discussion participant. Lived outside Romania for a number of years.

TC – Discussion participant. Ardent BR supporter and member of his association.

MS – Discussion participant. Moderate Christian Orthodox believer.

MM, CA, IZ, etc. – Practicing Christian Orthodox believers and members of BR’s association.

Other discussants.

(To avoid extreme manifestations of hatred against the LGBT community as in previous years during the annual pride parade of the Bucharest GayFest, in 2013 foreign diplomats posted in Romania decided to flank the participants in a show of solidarity with the sexual minorities.

In Romania over 85% of the population is Christian Orthodox, one of the most conservative and dogmatic branches of Christianity. 40% of them are practicing.

This Facebook post is fictional, but was inspired by a virtual discussion that took place some months ago. All characters are fictional and any resemblance with real people is purely accidental.)

(Beginning of June, 2013. BR’s Facebook page.)

Bucharest Gay Fest 2012

Bucharest GayFest 2012.
© Accept Romania.

BR: The homosexual circus begins again in Bucharest: Gayfest 2013. A downtown bookstore will even go as far as to prepare a special shelf with literature and film with and about homos. For this year’s parade, ambassadors from many Western countries will flank these funny bipeds (like the one in the picture attached) and will invade together in a few days the streets of our beautiful city. We welcome them with disgust, but also with pity. ‘Tis the time to sift the grain from dirt.

By the way, don’t let your children go to X High School unless you really want to see what percentage of them is homosexual, according to the criteria of the teachers there who want to implement homo ideology in schools.

PF: Well, I say we should organize our own Hetero parade, then…

BR: Sure, why not? Bring some friends and join us!

PN: Can you believe it? Not only they’re full of shit, but they force us to see and smell their asses too.

AL: Get them to hide away their dicks covered in caca or we’ll cut them off!! :D

TM: I don’t want to sound critical or anything, but I believe that we need to show more tolerance for those who are not like us, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve seen parades like this one and I found them amusing, colorful and full of joy. Why not allow everyone express themselves the best way they can and any way they want? People’s sexual orientation has nothing to do, after all, with their character.

GM: We are the majority, not them! And we’re so passive, it makes me wanna scream! Let’s do a hetero parade all over the country!

TT: Mr. TM, have you ever read or at least heard what the Holy Scriptures say? How can you tolerate sin?

DC: We’re really not doin’ anything? We’ll just stay arms crossed and watch them? We can’t! We can’t let them do whatever they want!

MM: These people are such unhappy creatures. When they came into the world, God did not approve of them, and now they’re constantly at war with Him!

VD: At least if they had the common sense to consummate this anomaly with respect for people, I wouldn’t care, but to show yourself through gestures and demonstrations, it’s disgusting, for a normal person.

MM: They’re frustrated.

GT: Hmmm… How can we mention the Holy Scripture in the same sentence with expressions of intolerance toward other humans? Are we, as a nation, that radical and anachronistic as to make foreign diplomats feel responsible for protecting the participants in a Pride Parade? If that’s so, we must be such sad people…

anti-gay manifestations Romania

An old woman carrying an Orthodox icon during an anti-gay demonstration in Bucharest.

PT: Stop promoting abnormal as normal, that’s all I wish for! If you had children, you’d get it… and faith in God.

MM: So what? Maybe the diplomats have nothing better to do. Have you thought about that? They’re just bored with their cushy jobs.

MM: And GT, stop mixing God here; we’ve got nothin’ against anomalies, but when you’re covered in shit, why show yourself in public?

CA: What homosexuals do is not correct no matter how you look at it! They accuse us of discrimination when they’re the ones discriminating against our families, confusing our children’s thinking and parading their sexual inclinations in the streets, under our own eyes.

CA: That’s unacceptable. As a children’s mother I can’t allow such a thing and I can’t keep my mouth shut and tolerate them. It’s their business what they do in their bedroom, God may forgive them for that and I can’t judge them, but there’s a big difference between respecting them as humans and tolerating this show of their vengeance and ugliness.


The sign in Romanian reads “No to Homosexual Marriage and Adoptions!” and it’s made by the political group The New Right.

MS: Have you ever seen a man parading his dick in public?! Or a woman showing her femininity? You haven’t, haven’t you?! And that’s because that’s normal. Only those who are abnormal need to show themselves publicly to prove to the world: they’re not what they seem to be, but they’re… inverted! That is men who wish to be women, and women who want to be men! Be that men, and women respectively for whom not women, but men respectively are the target of their love, but… no matter what! For them, I mean. This is a purely biological detail! In their mind… everything’s a hotchpotch where exception constitutes… normality!

CC: Handicapped or mutated chickens… really, that’s what they look like…

MM: And then can anyone claim that this is not the devil’s craft, who else could support such a work?

CS: What can we do to prevent this phenomenon from getting bigger!?

CA: Now it’s supported by humans, not even by demons; humans whom most of us voted for and that’s the crazy part.

CA: Unfortunately, we can do nothing except for fast and prayer. That’s what those who lead the world want.

Walk With Pride

Anti-gay poster in Romania.

MM: We do nothin’, but we shouldn’t pay attention to them, they’ve got big supporters, even in the parliament, they even want to change the constitution in this direction, the liberal Mr. C already made a proposal related to this kind which passed. So, there’s nothin’ for us to do, but let them show their talent.

IZ: Respect for your fellow humans begins with self-respect. If these people respected themselves, they wouldn’t ostentatiously expose their anomalies publicly! I personally choose to believe that these sexual preferences begin with substantial support from the individual, especially those who satisfy themselves from an early age. Sometimes, it’s even irresponsible parents who trigger these devilish preferences very early in childhood, maybe through abuse, or through unconscious “play.” I am not accusing them of anything, but I can’t approve of their public actions. It’s an aberration to think of marriage between people of the same sex! The result of marriage is the family, and that also means children as a result of love. Those who don’t bring children in the world are “barren”… The idea of having a child adopted by a homo… it’s not an action that’s decent and responsible, first for the child, so it’s a selfish act, lacking honesty. If we’re to go ahead with all they want to get by law, their actions are not justified other than imposing themselves out of frustration and selfishness. They can regulate their material life by using the existing laws, they can occupy any position in any field of activity… they can even walk holding hands on the street, with or without protective laws… but not so for the things that even those with a normal sex life don’t do publicly out of shyness and respect for fellow humans.

PG: Mr. T, a child playing with a puppy or a kitten running around, that’s amusing… not some creatures rubbing against each other and showing off their bras stuffed with socks… I know that women are special and delicate… but pigs won’t ever fly like pigeons…

CS: This social phenomenon is aggressive and contagious like cancer for healthy cells. The only solution, as C was pointing out above, is fast and prayer.

MS: :(

BR: What do you think, you all? I advise everyone to BOYCOT the bookstore hosting the event, as well as X High School (poor poet X, his name is used as a cover-up for children’s brain washing…)

OS: And this is only the beginning; later on it will all be mandatory.

BR: Can you imagine a parade of zoophiles? Or of pedophiles, who are now also demanding equal rights? There is even a Dutch “sociologist” invited by the Gay Rights Association to give a talk at the Sociology Department.

OP: Yes, the poison of Darwinist evolution (and Marxist, to make myself clear) from the Neanderthal to the homo sapiens, and then to homo sexualis… :) Beautiful evolution, isn’t it?! It’s like an image from the movie “The Lord of the Rings”… The orc army…

MS: BR, you are absolutely right and I understand you perfectly, but I think that we should devise another strategy. Marginalizing, rejecting, showing disgust are not the solution… we need to think more deeply about austerity and body challenges and daily ethics… we must send a signal that coming into this world is not the same as being sent to a concentration camp, but it’s not a perpetual entertainment park, either.

BR: But, what I have been trying to do for so long is not building concentration camps, God forbid! Where in the world did you see anything of the sort? But, when we see what’s happening in France, for instance, that should be our reference point. Every small step surrendered to these ideologue experts in diversion, every small step backed down when it comes to family and school education will immediately be followed by another. This is called the small steps policy. We must be very clear about our position, and that we don’t give a damn about international pressure, and these are values that are not negotiable. We’re like the Romanian army in World War I: no enemy shall cross our mountains!

MS: Yeah, you’re right. But, I was talking about the fact that there are some who believe that life is an entertainment park, others who think it’s a punishment, a concentration camp from where only death can free us. Of course, this to vulgarize two philosophical currents: hedonism and postmodernist existentialism…

BR: Jesus Christ has been answering all these questions for over 2,000 years!!! But who is still listening to Him, when it’s so much easier to live in the moment or to fetishize “torment” and “torture”??

MS: This is what I think. Now is the time when everything gets sifted through. We’ll see who goes ahead. This discussion is very complex. Technology says that there’s no more need of two people to conceive a child. You can obtain it any way you want, just by genetic programming. There is no more need for physical presence in order to have a couple relationship, since you can now live with a hologram… etc… etc. and that’s where this ambiguous relationship of the sexes originates from and the desire to go for a unique sex… some sort of an androgynous being. I can understand all this. I know what marriage means, how hard it is to harmonize two people without having one of them melt into the other and diminish, and I’m talking here about special, cultivated people, not about brutes etc. etc., but about the ideal model of meeting two beings, attracted to each other, who love each other, understand and respect each other… etc. etc. but what I don’t believe that these last minute visions can solve is the problem of education. A child must be educated by human presences, by biological parents of different sexes. The child must be loved by parents of different gender, the same way God created men. Only this kind of parental love can offer the child a path to Spirituality in full richness and freedom. I DON’T reject modern society, but I think that now the waters will part. But, as our Orthodox faith teaches us, we need to receive communion from the bread and the blood of the world.

GT: Wow! So, I was right! We really are a nation (or, half) of troglodytes! All the replies in this thread invoke the same idiotic arguments: God, they don’t make children, they expose their sexuality publicly and so on and so forth. Come on, people, let’s clarify some things, shall we? It looks to me like many of you are very, very afraid for your children. You don’t want them to be “infected” with homosexuality. Well, if you tried to get some information outside the Holy Scriptures, you’d find out that homosexuality is genetic. So, if your children are homosexual, I am not quite sure how you could prevent that. On the other hand, I’d really like to ask you this: I have got children, two of them, and I don’t have the slightest doubt that my love for them would not change even a little bit if they turned out to be gay. What would you do? Stop loving them? Kick them out of the house? Kill them? Another aspect that you all seem to agree on is that gay people should do whatever they want in intimacy, but not take it out in the world. What you don’t understand is that if they continue to hide, like they did for most of the past 2,000 years, they will never have equal couple rights like the rest of us, heterosexuals. For homosexuals there is no other way to raise awareness about their minority status than by proving publicly that they exist, no matter how unpleasant that may be for some. That is the only way that they will be taken seriously by the system. Legislation regarding marriage is changing slowly but surely all over the world precisely because gay groups took to the streets and fought for rights and recognition as equal members in society. Anyway, I am pretty sure I am fighting windmills here, especially when I see some of the vocabulary used above. I can only wish for all of you to never have to be in the position of being a member of a minority that is discriminated against by the majority! Yours, etc…

BR: Same “progressive” discourse… How sad! Read my next post, where I talk about things that shock even people who think like you: OMG, how is it possible to eliminate the words “father” and “mother” in all legal documents? That’s the same thinking pattern of the intellectuals who used to see in communism a solution for social equity. I am gonna quote here for you and those like you something once said by a smart Jew, Oscar, the father of Nicolae Steinhardt, the Jewish Romanian philosopher who converted to Christian Orthodoxy. Upon seeing his son quietly watching the Soviet tanks invading Bucharest in August 1944, pretty much the same way you’re watching now the gay parade, Oscar scolded him severely. Nicolae Steinhardt related the event in his book Happiness Diary: “On August 30 (1944), I was standing on the sidewalk watching the tanks pass. I swear that I was not laughing, I was not clapping, nor cheering; I was simply standing there watching. Suddenly I felt someone forcefully grab my arm and call me YOU, IDIOT! through the teeth. It was my father. You just stand here and watch, you moron, you all stand here and don’t have the slightest idea what’s in store for you; look at them, laughing; but they’ll soon cry bitter tears, and you with them… Get back home immediately…”

GT: I am really sorry, but I haven’t the foggiest what you’re talking about, Mr. BR… What’s in store for us? The end of times? Fire from the skies, like in Sodom and Gomorrah? Where is the connection between the Soviet tanks and the rights of the LGBT community? Maybe you could take the time to explain that to me a little bit more, since obviously all my years of school on three continents are no help here…

TC: There is a connection, I say, and I apologize for intervening, with watching from the side how Family values are destroyed.

BR: Sorry to say this, but with morons like you, we too will get to this: On April 1st, Easter Monday, Franck Talleu, a father of 6 from Paris, was picked up by the police from the street, questioned and then fined for “immoral display” and “immoral behavior.” What was, in fact, Talleu’s crime? He went with his family to celebrate Easter in the famous Jardin du Luxembourg, a park visited by thousands of people every day, wearing a T-shirt with the image of a family: mother, father, and two children. It was the logo of the civic movement “Manif pour tous” which opposes the so-called marriage between same-sex partners, recently legalized by President Hollande’s socialist government.

The incident was not an isolated one, dozens of other citizens being fined or questioned by the police during the past few months. Here’s the article in Le Figaro, if you don’t believe me: “Procès-verbaux en série pour le port du sweat-shirt de la Manif pour tous.”

TC: These are values that CANNOT be negotiated… just like Mr. BR said before it’s like the Romanian army in World War I.

GT: It’s refreshing to see that you are so good at verbal abuse. I was starting to get worried that you might not. But, I feel better now. I wasn’t wrong about you. I did not even hope to have such an effect on you, but it looks like I do… Once again, I admit that I don’t see the connection with the article in Le Figaro, but I am sure that your numerous supporters see it very clearly. I dare post a link myself, with the hope that you will have the patience to read it. Yours, etc.


Matthew Shepard (1976-1998)

Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998).

BR: Those are quotes from Nicolae Steinhardt’s Happiness Diary, Mr. “I am so educated.” And an article from Le Figaro. And, I did not realize that “moron” is considered verbal abuse, but it looks like in your case is an intrinsic quality…

TC: So, Mr. GT: you can stay home and watch, or you have the option to join them for the parade.

BR: Yours, etc.

IS: Disgust yes, pity no. They claim they’re being marginalized. So, let’s not stay on the margins, let’s jump at them! :))

GT: I know Steinhardt’s Happiness Diary, Mr. BR, but I still fail to see the connection. Not everything Christian thinkers put on page is applicable to daily life. Just as the Bible isn’t. But I am sure that we’re not on the same page there.

GT: I am sorry, Mr. TC, but I can’t participate in the parade. I wish I could, to support their cause, but I am thousands of miles away…

BR: It’s true that for “progressives” the Bible is like a cookbook; they choose the quotes they like (the dessert), while eliminating those deemed “politically incorrect.” Soon enough we will have an Orwellian Bible, with selections that only please the ideologues of the day.

GT: (piously) May God help us with that! ;)

BR: Dear GT, I could joke with you here for a long time if the situation weren’t that grave. Please forgive me for not having the time to do so, but I’ve got many children and it’s my duty to be concerned about their future and, why not, with that of the families that should be able to enjoy normality. Homosexual “family” is a nonsensical concept. Moreover, I have to side with John Milbank and consider this a totalitarian intervention of the state in our personal life, because the atomized man is the man perfectly adapted to dictatorship.

John Milbank, Gay Marriage a “Strategic Move” That Has Nothing to Do with Gay Rights.

GT (initially deleted by BR, then reposted): Dear Mr. BR, thank you for your explanation. I agree that this subject is not to be taken lightly and joked about. But, the same way I made peace with the thought that I cannot change the way ultra-conservatives, Tea Party members, Donald Rumsfeld or Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and all the neocons in the United States think, I will make peace with the idea that I cannot influence the Romanian conservatives and ultra-orthodox. I find it symptomatic that you chose to send me an interview with John Milbank, a Christian theologian who believes in leftist conspiracies. I am really sorry to see that you invoke your family and children to justify promoting hatred and disrespect for your fellow humans. I am sure that you realize that that is the first step in the creation of totalitarian ideologies and that the most brutal of history’s dictators came from similar educational and thinking background. Of course you need to raise your children based on your life’s guiding principles, but at least give them the chance to learn balance. Once again, I want to make myself very clear: I respect your right to have an opinion different than mine and I am ready to defend that right with all my might.

BR (in a private message): You’re being quite an asshole now! Come on, leave me alone and mind your own business because only a retard like yourself can see a faithful man as an “ultra”-something, just like someone who doesn’t agree with homosexual ideology is immediately called by all of you, the ideologues, a “homophobe,” which means he’s sick. Like the communists before you, you’re making up a new vocabulary to serve and justify your totalitarianism. I’m done with this conversation.

GT (in a private message): I see you deleted my last comment from the public post. If you feel so secure on your opinions, why not argue for them without aggressiveness?

AI: Dudes, if you’ve got nothin’ better to do, why don’t you wait by their asses to see what goes in and what comes out!

BR (reposted GT’s previous comment): I initial deleted this comment, but I think it’s worth reading. This is what paranoia looks like in all its splendor, with a misfit who, like all totalitarian ideologues, wants to change the “mentality” of a world that’s “too traditionalist” for his taste. To say that you’d like to change Donald Rumsfeld or Rush Limbaugh’s mentality, Sarah Palin and all of the neocons’, and that you made peace with the idea that you won’t be able to achieve that, proves how much tyranny can fit inside these ideologues’ heads (even when they’re small and insignificant like this one, one of the many globalists). :))

FM (quoting from GT’s last comment): “…I am ready to defend that right with all my might”… I’d be really curious to see how far you would go with his sacrifice, Mr. BR! You could even become his guru…!


Bucharest GayFest Parade.

DC: The man who says that homosexuality is hereditary would do better to study in one place, not on three continents, because he’s missing a lot of classes on the road. I only studied in Romania and I learned from the newspapers about so many homosexuals who realized, after years of sin and debauchery, that it’s not right and it’s not good for them what they’ve been doing and they quit that miserable and disgusting lifestyle. So, it’s not genetics, Mr. GT! It’s obvious to me that your soul is empty of any good deeds and you feel frustrated and are trying to get some attention with your sexual passions. May God forgive you!

DC: Call all the good people you know and let’s all go to the Government on Saturday and defeat the sin! Be ready to stay there for days! Let’s show everyone that we’re awake and not so easy to manipulate!

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